EMF Aptitude Test – Notes

Taking the Aptitude Test: If you are unsure whether your child is ready to begin the first EMF course, then it is recommended that you encourage your child to take the Aptitude Test. This 30-minute timed test is designed to help you decide if he or she is ready for and would enjoy the EMF courses.

Before your child begins the test, you should let him or her know that it is not like the tests typically given in schools. First, it deals with a subject (traffic light configurations) that they have almost certainly never studied before.

Second, it is designed to test students' thinking skills and intellectual maturity, and not their knowledge; thus the questions are actually a series of novel puzzles to be solved.

Third, students should expect that some of the later puzzles will be very challenging, and should not be discouraged if they are unable to solve all the puzzles. In fact, an excellent score can be achieved without answering all the puzzles.

When the test is complete you will receive an email with the results. In deciding whether to encourage your child to begin the EMF courses, you should consider both the test results and his or her response to taking the test. (Did they find the test interesting? How did they respond when faced with challenging problems?)

Technology Requirements: EMF requires reliable, high-speed internet access. EMF is supported on the Chrome and Firefox browsers. In addition to laptops and desktops, EMF is compatible with iPads, large Android tablets, and touchscreen computers. However, some features are easier to use with a mouse or other pointing device. EMF is not supported on smartphones.

Take the Test: To have your child take the Aptitude Test, log in at EMFmath.com with the username and password provided in the email that you received. (If this is your first time logging in, after changing your password, click on Continue > below the green bar.) You will be taken to your EMF home page where you will see Aptitude Test. Click on Aptitude Test to be taken to the test.