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About EMF

Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) is an online, proof-based curriculum for mathematically talented students in grades 6–8.

EMF covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus and beyond, including thorough introductions to Abstract Algebra, Logic, Set Theory, Number Theory and Topology.

  • "EMF is a way of looking at everything that you took for granted in earlier years, and proving them to make them more detailed and complete."
    Ian Gonzalez
    EMF Student
  • "EMF provides an avenue for children to stretch themselves mathematically. The feeling of accomplishment our daughter has received bolstered her confidence and has her ready for whatever comes her way."
    Matt and Amy Kaufman
    EMF Parents
  • "EMF has increased my ability to write proofs and my mathematical skill overall. It has some of the most interesting mathematical concepts I have ever seen."
    Albert Wang
    EMF Student
  • "My son comes home excited to see what is next in EMF. He absolutely wants to excel at everything now that he has seen how much fun it can be to learn."
    Wendy Diaz
    EMF Parent
  • "The content and the pedagogy are of the highest quality and I recommend it without reservation."
    Professor Emeritus Gerald R. Rising
    State University of New York at Buffalo
  • "EMF is a tough program, but it pays off. I learned how to prove concepts, and I learned to work harder and on a schedule."
    Andrei Chekmasov
    EMF Student
  • "EMF is definitely the course for students with a thirst for mathematical knowledge."
    Luke Freed
    EMF Student
  • "My son thought he did not like mathematics till he started EMF. Now, it is his most favorite subject. EMF has helped him gain confidence, develop discipline, and encourage his younger sister to appreciate mathematical thinking."
    Poornima Meenakshisundaram
    EMF Parent
  • "If you're good at math but could sleep through math class because you find it boring, EMF is awesome and will actually keep you awake."
    Isabella Yeung
    EMF Student
  • "Before EMF, my daughter was frustrated that her math class was not interesting, challenging or engaging enough. Since EMF, she has completely changed her perspective on math. I'm sure she couldn't imagine taking any other course."
    Rachel Danzig
    EMF Parent
  • "My son is not afraid to tackle any problem because he has been taught through EMF to think and reason through a problem instead of relying on memorized formulas."
    Karen Price
    EMF Parent
  • "EMF is way more exciting than other math programs and keeps you on your toes. I enjoy it even when it takes a really long time to solve the hardest problems."
    Imaan Nanji
    EMF Student
  • "EMF allows students to avoid the trap of believing that math is nothing but problems to solve with rules and a calculator."
    Corbin Diaz
    EMF Student
  • "EMF teaches very advanced mathematical concepts, yet the presentation and problem sets are designed in a way that allows middle school kids to learn the material online."
    Maxim Chekmasov, Ph.D.
    EMF Parent
  • "EMF is challenging in a good way — like a puzzle. You're working hard, improving your mind, and still having fun!"
    Grace Hancock
    EMF Student

Acceleration is not enough for many mathematically talented students. They deserve an opportunity to be challenged at levels commensurate with their abilities. EMF provides this opportunity in a manner that works for teachers, schools and districts.

  • Exceeds all national and state math standards.
  • Effective in-class differentiation.
  • No additional teacher training required.
  • Learning Management Systems integration.
  • Proven track record in large and small districts.

For more detailed information, download the EMF for Schools brochure.


School licensing fees vary according to the number of students enrolled. For more information and to request a free trial of EMF, complete the form below.

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