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About EMF

Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) is an online, proof-based curriculum for mathematically talented students.

EMF covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus and beyond, including thorough introductions to Abstract Algebra, Logic, Set Theory, Number Theory and Topology.

  • "My son cannot stop talking about the mathematical ideas he is learning. He is choosing to do EMF over Minecraft!"
    Nan Rosenberry
    EMF Parent
  • "EMF provides an avenue for children to stretch themselves mathematically. The feeling of accomplishment our daughter has received bolstered her confidence and has her ready for whatever comes her way."
    Matt and Amy Kaufman
    EMF Parents
  • "My son comes home excited to see what is next in EMF. He absolutely wants to excel at everything now that he has seen how much fun it can be to learn."
    Wendy Diaz
    EMF Parent
  • "Before EMF, my daughter was frustrated that her math class was not interesting, challenging or engaging enough. Since EMF, she has completely changed her perspective on math. I'm sure she couldn't imagine taking any other course."
    Rachel Danzig
    EMF Parent
  • "EMF teaches very advanced mathematical concepts, yet the presentation and problem sets are designed in a way that allows middle school kids to learn the material online."
    Maxim Chekmasov, Ph.D.
    EMF Parent
  • "My son is not afraid to tackle any problem because he has been taught through EMF to think and reason through a problem instead of relying on memorized formulas."
    Karen Price
    EMF Parent
  • "The days of learning math by repetition are a thing of the past. Although the EMF program is self-study, it has the one-on-one feeling of having an instructor and at a very fair price. As a parent I give EMF an A+."
    Jorge Sardinas
    EMF Parent
  • "As a homeschooling mom I can tell you EMF is our favorite curriculum — challenging and interesting!"
    Michelle Unger
    EMF Parent
  • "My son thought he did not like mathematics till he started EMF. Now, it is his most favorite subject. EMF has helped him gain confidence, develop discipline, and encourage his younger sister to appreciate mathematical thinking."
    Poornima Meenakshisundaram
    EMF Parent
  • "I was taking a practice test for the timed AMC8 exam when I came across a problem involving non-standard mathematics. Thanks to EMF, I was already familiar with these ideas and solved the problem a lot faster."
    Peyton Robertson
    EMF Student
  • "As a homeschooler, our son is an avid user of online educational resources. I recently asked him to pick his favorite online course. He answered, 'most definitely EMF, by a wide margin'."
    Arvinder Oswal
    EMF Parent
  • "EMF does more than teach; it inspires. Using the ideas I learned from EMF, I was able to show the students I tutor that math is truly fun!"
    Hossain Turjo
    EMF Student
  • "The content and the pedagogy are of the highest quality and I recommend it without reservation."
    Professor Emeritus Gerald R. Rising
    State University of New York at Buffalo
  • "There is no doubt that the Elements of Mathematics curriculum gave me the logical thinking skills and mental framework that inspired and enabled me to develop the Chocolate Fix puzzle system."
    Mark Engelberg
    Inventor of ThinkFun's Chocolate Fix logic game

EMF's self-study format requires excellent reading skills and solid executive functioning skills in addition to mathematical talent. The program tends to fit motivated and mature students ages 10 and older.

Read reviews on the Davidson Institute website.

Take an Aptitude Test!

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This online test is designed to gauge thinking skills and maturity, not knowledge; thus the questions are a series of increasingly challenging puzzles. Students are not expected to complete all the puzzles.

Scores are based on answers submitted during the first 30 minutes, but students may work on the puzzles as long as they like. Actual EMF course tests are not timed.

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